An Online Academy for engineers, technicians and project managers

Online Trainings Academy within company GURUCAD GERMANY GmbH helps engineers, technicians and project managers to develop key engineering and project management skills by attending our online trainings. These key skills will allow them to get their projects finished successfully in a shorter time, more efficient and at a higher quality.

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Who can we help?

Are you an engineer, technician or project manager struggling to develop new skills or improve existing ones in engineering and project management?

You want to do this without getting lost in 5 million youtube videos, 10 million blogs, 500 million social-media posts and 700 million forums, all of them promising you with loud voice that by learning 3 tips in less than 3 minutes you will master that skill and become a specialist? The reality is that, all of them together are covering just 0,00000000000001% of what needs to be learned to master that skill.

Have you already attended a course and yet you cannot execute a complete project in a short time because you just learned to use some commands from an application and not a working process as an end-to-end workflow?

If your answer the three questions above with "YES", then, for sure, we can help you escape the stress of searching the required information to develop new skills.

How can we help you?

Online Trainings Academy within company GURUCAD GERMANY GmbH offers online trainings for developing technical skills required in daily work of engineers, technicians and project managers.

Inside our online trainings, we present you, step by step, the working methods for acquiring engineering and project management capabilities in the shortest time and as simple as possible, based on our more than 18 years of experience in large scale projects worked on 3 continents simultaneously.

For each of our online courses, you have 24/7 daily access, returning as many times as you want to course materials to re-run the course, do the practical applications or capabilities tests at the end of each course chapter. This avoids lost time and unnecessary costs to go to a physical classroom (but if you still want to take the course in our classroom, then you can also choose this option where we allow you access to our technical infrastructure on which the applications you need in our online courses are installed).

In acquiring new capabilities in a well structured way, we offer you a pleasant and relaxing experience inside our online trainings platform.

By accessing our online trainings platform, you can learn at your own peace of mind and at your best suited schedule, using either a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a PC.

Once a week / month, for 2 hours, we invite you to live Q & A calls, as additional course support to clarify all your questions.

By participating in our online trainings, you become a member of the group of specialists, in the field of engineering and project management, allocated to that course where you will interact with other course participants, but especially with specialists from our company.

Inside our online trainings platform we have even integrated an AI motivational tool to make it easier for you to complete our online courses and master that capabilities.

Quality Management System Certification (QMS)

GURUCAD GERMANY GmbH has a certified Quality Management System for the Aviation and Space Industry according to Quality Standards ISO 9001 and EN 9100. By clicking on images below, you can see GURUCAD GERMANY GmbH Quality Management System Certificates issued by Certification Body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH:

More information about Online Trainings Academy

More information about our Online Trainings Academy within company GURUCAD GERMANY GmbH are found on the next page, at section About Us.

If you are committed in developing new capabilities or improving existing ones in engineering and project management, join our online courses by accessing the button below.

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